Fitbit Versa 3 review – one month on

I feel like everyone on the planet in January is like ‘new year, new me, this is the year I am going to be a fitness and health queen’ and let’s be real, I am no different. Most of the time it lasts a week and then I’m back to my old ways because spoiler alert I hate exercising and living a ‘healthy’ lifestyle (whatever that means) doesn’t come naturally to me.

But this year was different. As a result of having way more time on my hands and nothing to do (cheers pandemic), last year I started exercising way more. I was and still am going on walks 5 to 6 times a week and even started the couch to 5K in the summer (which I intend to pick back up in the spring when it’s not freezing outside because I’m not that dedicated). This all meant I was becoming more interested in tracking my steps, distance, heart rate etc because I was not only curious but also both my sister and mum have Fitbit’s so I got a little bit of FOMO every time we went on a walk or run, and they could track everything (I’m easily influenced lol).

For a while. over the summer I was using my dad’s Fitbit Charge 3, but I just couldn’t gel with the design of the watch and generally, the strap I had was uncomfortable and irritating. But that experience did help me realise I like knowing all info it gave and found it quite motivating (which I now realise was quite basic compared with the Vera 3) and I like and was regularly using the Fitbit app.

So, in the January sales, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself the Fitbit Versa 3 on John Lewis. It cost me £159.00 (which is a £40 discount) and I also got a 2-year guarantee with it because I bought it through John Lewis, which I recommend. I originally was intending to buy the Versa 2 because that’s what both my sister and mum have and like and all the research, it did make me think that one was the best for me. But when I went on the website both the Versa 2 and 3 were the same price so it made sense to me to get the newer one with more features. So, after a month of it being constantly on me, I thought I would do a little review and let you know my thoughts and ultimately if I would recommend it!

Fitbit Versa 3 features:

  • Voice assistant with either Google or Alexa
  • Built-in GPS
  • Water-resistant
  • Up to 6 days of battery life & fast charging
  • 24/7 fitness and sleep monitoring
  • Sp02 monitoring
  • Smart wake & timers
  • Menstrual health tracking
  • Guided breathing sessions
  • Store & control music on Deezer and control Spotify
  • Call, text, app notifications
  • Fitbit Pay
  • Find my phone app
  • Use of Fitbit apps on your wrist
  • Goal-based exercise modes & active zone minutes


Now I knew when I bought this Fitbit that I wasn’t going to use all of the features, simply because I don’t have any interest to and I now looking back I was right. For example, I haven’t set up or used my Fitbit Pay, partly because I don’t trust it and nowadays when I go to the shop it’s a planned outing (because that’s all we can do in lockdown), so my purse comes with me.

Similarly, whilst the Sp02 feature sounds cool, I find it a bit of a faff to look into and to be honest I don’t have a clue what any of it means, so that’s only been used once or twice max. Also, the voice assistant with Alexa feature I thought I would use way more. In my house, we are a big Alexa fan, with one pretty much in every room. However, ironically, I think because of that I actually have no need to use it.

Additionally, another feature I thought I would use more of is the ability to control Spotify. Being a big Spotify user who pays for premium, I was excited about this feature, but I have found it’s not very responsive, as it always tells me it can’t connect to Bluetooth (I could just be doing it wrong though), and as a result, I have only got it to work once or twice.

My favourite & most used features

Whilst that sounds like a lot I don’t use, there is also a lot (and I would say the majority) that I do use. For instance, I love having quick access to my core stats, all of which I like being able to know. This includes, my steps, calories burned, active minutes, distance, how many exercises I’ve done that week, calories in and out, and also heart rate, many of which the Charge 3 didn’t tell me.

Likewise, I like how easy it is to start an exercise and for example, when I do a walk it tells me all the core stats whilst I’m doing it and whether I’m in fat burn or calorie burn, which is really motivating (again something the Charge 3 didn’t do).

I have also found myself really interested in my sleep stages and score, which I think is just generally good to know and also utilising the smart wake. Other features I love using are the timers and alarms which are great when cooking, the built-in GPS so now I don’t have to take my phone during walks or runs and being able to track my menstrual cycle. Oh, and also the notifications (I basically don’t have to carry my phone around with me all the time now).

Lastly, other quick things I love is how quick it charges, the strap (which compared with the Versa 2, is much better) and the apps (Find my phone is so useful and so is the torch app I downloaded).


In short, yes I would! For someone that is a self-confessed hater of exercise, it has done its job of motivating me to move more, which is really all I could ask for in a fitness/ smartwatch. I also just think generally I am more aware of my body with access to information like my heart rate and sleep score which is never a bad thing. Whilst you may be thinking other cheaper and more basic Fitbit’s that are available could also do the above, I do think it’s worth it for the extras of having the built-in GPS, the better strap and charger, in my opinion. However, saying that I wish the Spotify feature was better and I can’t wait for the rumoured update of being able to answer calls on the watch (my inner spy dreams will be coming true).

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