My skincare staples

One thing (out of many) last year wasn’t kind on, was my skin. I’ve not historically been one to have terrible skin, just the spot (on my chin mainly) every now and then, as well as a bad patch in 2017 which I think was caused from the stress of uni. But when I came off the pill last year after almost 4 years on it, my skin was like no hun don’t do that. I’m no doctor, but it felt like the pill was masking my good skin and then when I came off it, the mask of bad skin/ acne was revealed.

I just want to note that my bad skin could have been because of a number of reasons like stress or eating bad food (we were in lockdown when I came off it, so it definitely could have contributed), but after months of self-detective work, I think the root of the problem is coming off the pill. I also did a quick Google search (I know, don’t shoot me) and apparently getting serve breakouts are a symptom of coming off the pill (oh the joys of being a woman), so I basically put two and two together.

With getting quite bad breakouts over the summer and having to stay at home more because of covid and national lockdowns, it meant I was spending more time thinking and doing my skincare. I’ve always loved a bit of skincare and in 2017 when my skin got particularly bad, I made a loose skincare routine which I’ve for the best part, I stuck too. But after a while it wasn’t quite cutting it, so I asked around, did some online research and then spent half my wages on different skin products (skincare is so damn expensive), on the quest to find products that will help clear up my skin.

After months of testing out a few products, I think I’ve finally got some staples products that work for me in my new and improved skincare routine. So in the hopes, it might be helpful/ interesting to some of you, here are my current skincare staples:


Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

This cleanser is my absolute saviour. I have oily skin, so over the years I have tried and tested quite a few cleansers, in my attempt to combat that. Whilst it wasn’t too bad when I was on the pill because I think it is known to reduce oily skin, it did come back in full force last year, and with it so did the spots. After using this cleanser two to three times a day I was noticeably getting fewer spots and the ones I did have weren’t getting aggravated because it’s such a gentle cleanser. I just can’t speak any more highly of this product!


When I feel like I need a deeper cleanse, this Body Shop seaweed gel wash is my go-to. Like tea tree, seaweed is supposed to work wonders on oily skin, and I can confirm it does just that. A little of this goes a long way, as it goes foamy and it does a lovely job at making my skin feel matt and clean, it also smells fantastic which is always a nice bonus.


L’Oreal Paris triple active day moisturiser – normal to combination skin

Similar to cleansers I have also tried and tested quite a few moisturisers to see which ones my skin takes too. Generally, I don’t like to use moisturisers because I find they clog my pores and make my face more oily, which leads to spots. But especially in the winter and on no makeup days, when my skin needs some moisture, I have found this L’Oreal day moisturiser is great because it is not only light, so you can’t feel you have it on you, but it protects you against UV and has vitamin E in – what’s not to like really.


This is something I don’t use on a regular basis because I do find a bit heavy when I’m having a particularly bad patch with my skin. But when I’m once and while having a good couple of days I use this to in the night time to get some moisture back into my dehydrated skin and it’s supposed to be good for dark spots, brightness and pores. Whilst it is quite expensive compared to other products on this list, I would repurchase it because it does make my skin look and feel better every time I do use it.


The Body Shop tea tree clay faCE mask

I have always loved The Body Shop products, specifically their face masks, but more recently I have really got into their tea tree line. Tea tree is supposed to be great for blemished skin, so I ordered the face mask to try it out and haven’t stopped re-purchasing it since. I usually use it about once or twice a week, and I find it’s great for soothing my red skin. I have recently bought The Body Shop tea tree oil, so I’ll let you know how I find that too.


This product was a bit of rogue, last-minute purchase from me on Asos when I was scrolling endlessly on there, but I do have to say I have becoming quicky one of my most used product. I pop this on my face when my skin has settled but my spot scars just look a bit red and angry and it somehow reduces the redness and makes scarring less obvious. However, I do have to say this product absolutely stinks, it’s supposed to be fragrance-free, but I can confirm it most certainly is not. But if you can get past the smell I would 10/10 recommend.



I feel like everyone who struggles with acne has got this glycolic acid and for a great reason, because it is really affordable and it works. I don’t use this as often as I should, but it’s main purpose is to help you get rid of acne scarring and improve the texture of your skin. There’s not much to really say about this one, other than buy it if you don’t already have it and be careful because it’s strong and will sometimes sting a little.


When I was doing my research for acids that will help with acne, salicylic acid kept appearing again and again as its supposed to help reduce it. Since I loved my Revolution blemish recovery mask, I thought I would give the brand another go with their salicylic acid and it has also become another one of my fav products. I use it almost every other day and I do think it does (not all the time) reduce my spots and most importantly prevent them and as a lovely bonus, it smells amazing (better than some perfumes). I have and will be repurchasing this for a long, long time!


I thought I would also add a little section on what I put on my spots to help reduce the size of them and get rid, because I know I’m always on the lookout for new products.


These patches are quite a recent find for me, but they will definitely be something I will be buying and using for a long time. I essentially cleanse my face and then pop one of the patches over a spot whilst I sleep, or just chilling at home and within a couple of hours my spot 95% of the time reduces in size. The ones I have are from Amazon, but I think you can get them from loads of different place that do the same thing.


I have used this Freederm gel for years and will continue to because it’s just simply great for under the skin/ really red spots specifically. I apply it before I go to bed and by the morning the spot always looks calmer and ready for the spot patch to get it smaller. I just love this spot gel I just wish they sold the tubes in bigger sizes!

Let me know in the comments your top skincare saviours I would really love to hear or your experiences with any of the products I have mentioned.

Alisha xoxo

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