What I eat in a day

Since moving back to Nottingham I have fully thrived on picking my own meals again. So in honour of that and the fact that I love reading other peoples what I eat in a day posts because who doesn’t love looking at pictures of food, I thought I would do my own. Before I get into it and as a mild warning I am a pretty basic cook, let’s just say Nigella Lawson won’t be ringing me up any time soon for tips.


I have a love/ hate relationship with breakfast, I go through phases of not being hungry in the morning, so skipping it (sorry mum) or obsessing over the same breakfast and having it every day for a week or two. So currently, my breakfast of choice is granola, greek yoghurt, a banana and honey (I know what you are thinking, wow what a healthy queen). I usually rotate to this every other month when I’m trying to convince myself I need to eat better or after I’ve eaten bread twice a day for a week. If I’ve woken up early like today I like to eat breakfast, drink a cup of tea and read my book for half an hour or so before starting work.



I am living for lunch now I’m working from home, no more soggy sandwiches or sad salads for me, it’s arguably the best half an hour of work some days. I have really been enjoying pitta pizza, it’s something I ate a lot while staying with my parents because it is so quick and easy and uses all the veg you already have in the fridge. I just mix tomato puree and some oregano together and spread on the base, top with some veg, add chorizo or ham if I’m feeling it and then sprinkle some cheese on top and pop it in the oven for 5 mins until the cheese has melted. You really can’t go wrong and it is filling!



When I am working like today I like to have a snack around 3ish to give myself a little break from my desk. I make myself a cup of coffee, and a plate of apple slices (for some reason it tastes better when it’s been cut up – I know I’m weird) and some choc digestives if I’m having a chocolate craving, which is conveniently most days, oops. I then move to my bed which is where I sit for the rest of the workday anyway and eat my snacks and scroll through my phone for way too long.



Today’s dinner was a sweet potato and chicken curry, I found this recipe on BBC Good Food. It was super easy to make and you don’t need a billion spices that you’ve never heard of, which is always a bonus. I did sway from the recipe a little, as I couldn’t find any curry paste in my local shop so I just bought a jar of jalfrazi sauce (again, sorry mum) that came with some powdered spices too which I think worked well. I’m overall glad I liked it since I made enough to feed the south of England and will be having it everyday this week (rip me). I would say if I was to make this again I wouldn’t add in the chicken, it really didn’t need it.



I love dessert, I do have something sweet in the evening most days (some would call that unhealthy, I would call it a lifestyle choice). I had some cookie dough ice cream which I didn’t get a picture of because I ate it all (that was my third sitting so you can stop your judgement) and a green tea because life is all about balance.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I eat in a day and let me know in the comments what your favourite meal of the day – If you haven’t gathered mines dessert!

Alisha xoxo

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